Barcelona’s Win over Celta Vigo

On Saturday, Barcelona guaranteed they will keep their top position by a  comfortable 2-0 win over Celta Vigo. In the 10th minute against Galicians, Messi made great contributions in Ousmane Dembélé’s opening score. He fuelled a shot at goal while Ruben Blanco has to avoid at the football of striker. The French forward forced a rebound through legs of goalkeepers.

At the moment of half-time, La Liga’s advantages have been stretched by the Argentina forward’s sixth goal. The Argentine football player caught a pass from Jordi Alba and fired a strong finish outside the coverage area of Blanco. In the previous four football games at Nou Camp, Celta Vigo lost 18 goals in total. Although having improved the defence system, they tried to trigger some problems of Barcelona, especially after two competent footballers’ off in the second-half.

Barcelona established themselves on 37 points, three ahead of Atletico Madrid and six clear of Sevilla. Franck Ribery, the Frenchman aged 35, took advantages of his first goal in the 35th minute. Adding one more goal to his tally. The boss of Bayern said, “Perhaps the season is his last season with the club.”

Six footballers of the Bavarians are absent of football games, including Arjen Robben, James Rodriguez, Serge Gnabry and Mats Hummels. In the condition, the team won 36 points after the fifth win. When it comes to Serie A, Juventus is still sitting at the top by a 1-0 win over Roma. In the late fixtures, Mario Mandzukic’s goals contributed to Juventus’s well clear of second-placed club Napoli. PSG would have thought an emphatic victory over Nantes. But the idea broken down by Hylian Mbappe’s goal in the 68th minute.

In the last decade, almost every attacker who keep an A-list run will become targets of Liga bbva giants. But it is a terrible news for the forward of Liverpool. Some doubts that Mohamed Salah would leave the English club for Liga bbva giants like Real Madrid and Barcelona. Is really that he is too excellent to stay? There is no doubt that some will confused about the quality of Mido. Is he qualified enough to talk about these matters?

Perhaps detailed analysis will be written and published in a view of pundit. It’s inevitable that footballers are closely connected to ebb and flow of different features. In two decades, the market was stuffed with pinched and Scottish-accented Liverpool players in the 1980s. The legacy is still kept to nowadays. When confronting laziness and decadence of modern life,  Graeme Souness approaches commentary spell while people also convinced on-screen appearances.

In the game of snakes and ladders, retired footballers are easy being overlooked for their identities as the “ex-Manchester City” or “six seasons at Chelsea”. Any person who once played for Alex Ferguson or Arsène Wenger should be put to critical position.

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