Cool Barcelona Training Kit

In addition to home, away and third football kits, customers could find some peripheral products from our selection, such as bags, scarfs, footballs, training kits, etc. All items on our website will be sent out from our manufacturer directly. For this reason, products on the website are cheap and cheerful. Now I would like delve into a 2018/19 Barcelona training kit.

The purple Barcelona training kit features two pieces, a long-sleeve jacket and comfortable purple training pants. Both are decorated with turquoise accents, such as Nike’s Dry technology logo, Nike Swoosh, team crest of Barcelona and stripes, etc. It’s the best seller at the online store for stunning quality, limited stock and low prices. Some characteristics of the new purple training kit are as follows:

Two-piece suit

Zipped leg openings

Nike Dry Technology

Zipped pockets on both sides

Elastic waistband with same-colored draw-cord

When all professional football players don such kits manufactured by Nike. Designers applied new Nike’s Dry sweat-wicking technology, which could keep footballers dry and cool and exclude interference from outside world. Integrating the purple jacket woven with turquoise accents like striped pattern on two long sleeves, signature Nike Swoosh and team emblem in turquoise, the purple adopted raglan collar to reduce limits of actions. It also an important kit to show homage to your support to the favorite football team. Throughout the whole winter, football fans could don the purple kits on stands and pledge allegiance to Barcelona.

In addition, Rakuten sponsor logo is also woven onto the jacket, leaving a superior durable feeling to wearers. Two zippered pockets are stitched on both sides for the purpose of warm-keeping and safety.

Let’s turn to jacket pants now. It takes the same color of the jacket. Striped patterns are also printed to both upper sides of both legs. A draw-cord could be found from a waistband, which keep wearers comfortable and free. Similar to the purple jacket, Nike Swoosh and team emblem are also stitched to pants, but their positions are opposite to those on jackets.

Most customers have bought items on the website and are marvel at quality of them. All training kits are quality enough to resist coldness and keep warm. In many cases, customers will place their order after shopping around, because they hold that all products from our selection are cost-effective and high-quality.

Please place your order without hesitation. Do not miss the great opportunity to get your favorite football shirts. The secret of our high-quality and low-cost football kits lies in that all products are delivered from manufacturer directly. Besides guarantee in providing high-quality football kits, we cut many middle men to reduce unnecessary cost, lowering prices of our products as soon as possible.

Die-hard football fans could get new football kits from our selection, showing their support to popular football teams. You can save a sum of money after purchasing products from our selection before the deadline of our flash sale.

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