Red 2017-2018 Barcelona Goalkeeper Home Football Shirt

Marc-André ter Stegen, a professional goalkeeper of German national football team, plays for the Spanish club Barcelona. As a person born in Mönchengladbach, he started playing football with the football team Borussia Mönchengladbach in the city. In the first half of the 2010-11 season, he was selected as a member of their reserve team, appearing on the bench of team Borussia Mönchengladbach from time to time. Although he witnessed a relatively successful season, the team Borussia Mönchengladbach were confronting the risk to be relegated to a lower level. After a period of sub-par performances of the football team, only winning 16 points after 22 match days, the football team were relegated to the bottom of the Bundesliga while the former coach was replaced by Lucien Favre.

However, the embarrassing condition has been changed after a short term slump, despite the unpredictable form of the first-choice goalkeeper slowed down the process. Although his performances contributed to some wins against Werder Bremen, these kinds of subsequence are rare in the whole season. Sometimes, the effects of outstanding performances have been offset by uninspiring football matches. Due to the negative subsequences, most football fans attributed it to the Belgian football player, criticizing him for putting more attention to his modelling career in the preference to his football career.

For the sake of casting more glimpse on the outside world to seek a prodigy, Ter Stegen failed to cut a striking figure in front of officials and managers of the football team, inundating with many potential football players. In the end, Favre lost patience with Bailly and selected ter Stegen for the next important football match against 1. FC Köln. The German international was not disappointed for the subsequence, and he displayed a previously unseen solidity. He managed to keep his place in the football, becoming a remaining football player of the football team on the basis of four clean sheets. Because these four clean sheets, football team Mönchengladbach avoided relegation through the play-offs.

After experienced four seasons with the football team, ter Stegen moved to club Barcelona for a large sum of transfer fee on the basis of a five-year professional contract. All football fans chasing after the excellent football player could catch the scenes, in which he run on football fields in the latest 2017-2018 Barcelona goalkeeper home football shirt. Some similar products also could be found on the website

The predominately long-sleeve Barcelona home goalkeeper football shirt is adorned with round neckline, which is around by a blue stripe on back collar. The Raglan sleeves replace the traditional seems on shoulder panels, and two long sleeves are adorned with irregular subtle pattern; a blue Nike Swoosh is printed on right chest while the yellow, blue and red club crest is printed on left chest. In the middle of the purely red front, the bold sponsor’s logo is striking against the red background. In order to pay respect to the local area, the color of the Catalan flag are printed on the back collar.

Brown Barcelona Third Football Shirts 2017/2018 Replica

The design concept of Barcelona third jersey is extremely bold and avant-garde. There is no doubt that it is an exciting design scheme. In order to present the unique status in international football, the third kit was manufactured by the most sophisticated Aeroswift technology, which could bring extraordinary performances and outstanding design details for the shirt.

Brown is adopted as the base color of the body of third kit. The style of shorts and socks are extremely novel and bold. This is consistent with the Barcelona’s style of play in international football exactly. The collar presents an obvious modern concise style while the distinctive geometrical pattern on jersey and socks contributes to the unique of the third kit in any cases.

Designer adds orange stripes onto shoulder panels and mosaic pattern onto two sleeves. The design concept of the third kit contains the famous architectures’ style in Barcelona. And the number on shirt back and shorts are orange similarly.

The “Barca” printed on the back of football shirt could not only presents Barcelona club, but also the great city Barcelona.

It is worth well to notice that designer chooses a close-fitting style for the brand new third kit; in addition, geometrical patterns on football shirts and shorts are matched with characteristics of professional football sports.

On both sides of football shirts and shorts, the performances of oranges stripes are different with those of main body of the kit. Striped areas could allow more air pass the kit as much as possible while footballers running on green football fields; when lowering the surface temperature of football players, it allows footballers playing football more freely without any limits on their actions.

In the manufacturing of socks, Nike adopts the most sophisticated technology in similar, which could makes foot contacting with shoes more closely. In addition, the word “Barca” on socks is also orange.

In general, it’s no doubt that the third kit is a high-tech, glaring and alluring kit, which illustrates the football club Barcelona and value principle of the club insisting all the time. Barcelona is more than a football club for many years.

Football kits manufactured by Aeroswift technology are 10% lighter, with 50% more stretch than previous kits. They employ a new, textured high-performance yarn that absorbs sweat from skin 20% faster than previous football kits, as drying 25% faster. Besides, jerseys and shorts are manufactured using a new knitting process that integrates single and double knit to enhance breathability, stretch and fit.

Sustainability takes the priority over other things like design and color. Nike promises to equip the incomparable advantages with football shirts and less effects on environment.

Each kit is made by 16 recycled plastic bottles on average. Since 2010, Nike has diverted almost 3 billion bottles from landfills, enough to cover over 5200 full-sized football pitches.

One can purchase the latest fashionable and refined third football shirt to show supports the favorite football team in the full season. Welcome to place your order through the website.