5 warning signs of a blood clot in the brain Stroke

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cerebral thrombosis It is a topic that is of interest to many people. Because many people are wondering what the symptoms of this disease are. Or suspect that you have a stroke or have a blood clot or not? Even now, there are some people who are concerned that after the covid-19 vaccination, if there is a blood clot in the brain. What are the symptoms? Or is there any signal that can warn us?

We have to say that it is very important to observe the symptoms. Because if you have symptoms that are thromboembolic disease in the brain. Must be treat as quickly as possible If possible within about 3 hours. If you arrive at the hospital late or late. The chances of us being paralyze and lying in bed are very high. So today we will introduce 5 warning symptoms that we may have blood clots in the brain. And if anyone has these symptoms, go to the hospital immediately.

5 symptoms of cerebral thrombosis

1. Dizziness

     Dizziness is a sign that indicates that we may have a stroke – ruptured – tons. But dizziness can also be a symptom of tartar in the ear as well. The symptoms of dizziness due to an embolism are very symptomatic, even if lying down or taking any medication, it does not improve. and there is also a common symptom is vomiting gushing If you have these symptoms, you should first suspect that it may be thromboembolic disease. Please hurry to the hospital for further examination and treatment planning.

2. slurred speech

     Anyone who has ever spoken clearly can speak normally, but suddenly develops slurred speech, stiff tongue, tangled tongue, or sometimes unable to speak. This may be a sign of thromboembolic disease in the brain. This may be because there may be a blood clot or embolism in the part of the brain that controls speech. making our conversations unusual As a result, we cannot speak clearly.

3. Half weak

     It may be left or right. First of all, it must be said that our brain has two sides, the right side of the brain controls the functions of the left side of the body. And the left side of the brain controls the functions of the right side of the body. When there is a blood clot or a blood vessel in the brain is narrowed. which is mostly just one side therefore causing us to have half a half of weakness The method of self-observation is Do we have sudden weakness? For example, there is weakness in the right arm and right leg together. If you can’t lift your limbs, if you have these symptoms, you need to come to the hospital immediately. 

4. Half tea

     When a blood clot clogs an area of ​​the brain that is responsible for feeling It will make us feel abnormal. This will allow us to have half of my tea. Try to observe the symptoms if we have numbness in both the right arm and the right leg at the same time. or the left arm and the left leg at the same time like this and especially if there are signs of weakness It will be an indication that we may have a blood clot in the brain and then not. For anyone who has numbness of the hands and feet but does not have weakness or numbness in the hemispheres Most of them are those diseases that are peripheral neuropathy rather than me. But if you are not confident because suddenly there is numbness. can go to the hospital to check it for further treatment

5. Crooked face, crooked mouth, drooping corners of the mouth

     Let us try to shoot teeth or smile in front of the mirror and observe the corners of our own mouths. If one corner of the mouth falls Or shoot teeth and only one corner of the mouth comes up. with symptoms that do not close the eyes completely Only one eyebrow raised This will be an indication that there may be a blood clot in the brain. But I have to tell you that this distorted face is not a single disease of a stroke. It could be another disease, for example. Bell’s Palsy (Bell’s Palsy), which is a disease caused by our nerves, is characterized by inflammation. Resulting in symptoms of drooping corners of the mouth do not close your eyes But this disease is not dangerous and can be treated by taking medication.