“Fat but fit – slim but fat” weight can mislead you

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Fat but fit – Slim but fat These two words read quickly. may not understand Roughly speaking, fat people can be healthy, and thin people aren’t always healthy. Why is that? We has an answer from Dr. Thidakan Ruchipatanakul or Doctor Ping, a specialist in skin and anti-aging medicine. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

When it comes to weight loss, we tend to use weight as a tracker and measure. In particular, the use of body mass index is Weight divide by height in meters square. It is a benchmark that doctors use to determine. Who meets the overweight and who fails the exam and meets the Obesity.

Metabolically healthy obese

But this criterion may not apply in all cases. Because there are actually some people who have a body mass index or BMI that exceeds the threshold. But there is no change in the body as an obese person. Normal insulin levels and responses Inflammation at normal cellular level normal blood cholesterol. And the risk of diseases that come with obesity is not different from that of the general population. This group has a medical name. Metabolically healthy obese or MHO translates into Thai simply as obese but fit people. 

On the other hand, another group of people had normal weight. But when the physical examination return with high blood cholesterol high blood sugar have insulin resistance or may have fatty liver mask even though they do not look fat This group of people we call Metabolically obese but normal-weight or MONW translates into Thai simply that normal weight people secretly fat. 

The main reason explaining this scales reverse phenomenon. This is explain by the type of fat that accumulates in the body. 

The first type of fat is Subcutaneous fat is the fat that we pick up from the skin on the back of the arms, thighs or abdominal wall. This type of fat is tangible but not scary. because it does not increase the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes , coronary heart disease like another type of fat 

Visceral fat or abdominal fat It is the second type of fat which is intangible. but more dangerous Because the secretion of inflammatory substances makes the work in the body unstable. increase the risk of various chronic diseases It’s the fat that’s quietly hiding in the belly. Like a countdown time bomb 

And another type of fat that can’t be overlook is Ectopic fat or fat that is in the wrong way. Is to live in various organs such as the liver, pancreas and other organs. which when accumulated for a long time It will affect that organ, for example, when the fat liver mask increases the degree of severity more and more. Eventually, it can become cirrhosis. even if you don’t drink alcohol.


Back to the main character of this article, fat but fit people, or MHO, the main reason why this group of people are obese but not harmful to their health. Because the fat that accumulates in the body is fat that is distribute along the skin, hips, thighs rather than accumulate in the abdomen. Or to accumulate by various organs  

On the other hand, people of normal weight but secretly obese or MONW are under normal body shape. Not very fat Maybe just look moderately bloated. But there is a lot of fat accumulate in the abdomen or may spread to fat. That is mask in the liver and has a negative effect on health occurring in the body 

Therefore, for normal weight people who secretly have a belly and have had a health check and had high blood cholesterol results. or starting to have fatty liver mask should not be silent But you should start taking care of your health by adjusting your diet and exercise, aiming to reduce your waist circumference. for better health Reduce the risk of various chronic diseases that will follow. 

As for people whose body mass index or weight exceeds the norm But the ratio of waist circumference divided by hip circumference is not more than 0.85. Had a health check, blood cholesterol, sugar, and other tests were all normal. May not have to worry about being overweight. But should take care of eating properly. to maintain body fat percentage not to exceed the threshold. And if the waist circumference can be reduce further It will be a sustainable health benefit.